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Animal Behaviour
& Psychology

Animal behaviour training focuses on the psychology behind why your dog acts the way it does. Our program is designed to work with owners and their dogs one-on-one to get to the root of the problem. We focus on making life style changes to create a happy well balanced dog. From basic training, leash training, separation anxiety, food aggression and so much more. We are here to help with all your dogs training needs.

About The Trainer

In 2013 I attended Veterinary College in Northern Ontario. The school was home to 20 dogs, that had been surrendered to local shelters. These dogs behaviour was like nothing you've seen before. They were aggressive (towards food, people, other dogs), hyperactive, reactive.   This is where I fell in love with animal psychology and a german shepherd  named King. I spent the year studying veterinary science, animal grooming and behaviour based training. I worked tirelessly with all of the dogs but took a special focus on King. Eight months into the program King was put up for adoption, an early release due to his "bad behaviour".  I had spent months working with King in a controlled environment, he went from not letting me into his kennel to slowly starting to trust me and listening to me. I was the only person to apply to adopt King. Bringing King home was a whole new ball game, he was scared and highly reactive. This forced me to dive deeper into my education in animal psychology and behaviour. I consulted with the trainers and leading professionals in the animal psychology field.  With exercise, persistence and the proper techniques I was able to fix Kings behaviour problems and bring out the happy go lucky dog I knew was inside all along. 

Since then I have gone on to work in dog kennels, shelters, dog training facilities, veterinary clinics and open a successful fear free based grooming salon. I have studied under successful dog trainers and  I have researched and implemented animal behaviour training in my day to day dealings with your pets. I am excited to finally launch my own one-on-one program, designed to bring balance to dogs with all types of  behavioural issues. 

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